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Fanfic Challenges

anime_showdown challenges its members to write short works of fiction describing each week's epic battle. When enough submissions for a battle are collected, they will be voted on, and a winner will be declared. Fame, prestige and prizes are up for grabs, so everyone do your best!

Battles for which submissions are still required:
KEY - Winners, Dead

Week 1 (Ed vs Winry)
Week 2 (Faye vs Fujiko)
Week 3 (Conrad vs Zoro)
Week 4 (Kirika vs Rushuna)
Week 5 (Kenshin vs Goemon)
Week 6 (Vicious vs Mugen)
Week 7 (Chloe vs Yozak)
Week 8 (Tetsu vs Honey)
Week 9 (Hughes vs Jigen)


1. All submissions must be less than 5000 words. There is no minimum length requirement.

2. Submissions may be submitted in the following ways:
either as a reply to this post with the actual text, a reply with a external link to the text, or via email to

3. If a submission is in a format other than plain text, please specify the format in your post/email.

4. Only one submission per battle per person please

5. All submissions must follow the result of the battle as determined by the voters of Anime Showdown.

6. One winner will be chosen by committee and posted with the results from the battle featured in the writing. The author(s) name(s) will be recognized, and a prize will be awarded.

7. All submissions may be posted and/or linked to on anime_showdown, but all other rights remain the property of the respective authors.
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